Qualified Retirement Plans

Designing the Future

Creating an employer-sponsored retirement plan that meets all of your needs can be overwhelming. WPWealth is committed to adding value to your company while building a relationship that allows a peace of mind in knowing that you are making the right decisions for you and your company.

Colleagues in business meeting
Three men meeting in conference room to talk about business plan

Thinking Ahead

Many questions can arise when creating a plan. We recommend focusing on the following to get started:

  • Should your company sponsor a retirement plan?
  • How will your business and employees benefit?
  • Which plan is right for your unique situation?

Investment Management

Often, management only reviews programs when markets are performing poorly, and balances are decreasing. Consider the following:

  • Are the investments in your plan managed properly?
  • How much is the plan costing stakeholders?
  • Are you fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities?
Partners meeting in conference room to talk about financials

Planning Together

Our consultative approach develops a plan in accordance with your company’s size and growth dynamic. WPWealth is committed to:

  • Uncovering the appropriate plan design
  • Eliminating inefficiencies and maximizing benefits
  • Handling on-site implementation and enrollment
  • Providing employee education sessions
  • Offering custom lineups with open fund architecture