Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is often an underemphasized goal in the overall financial plan. Planning for the inevitable can be hard, and often uncomfortable, but advanced preparation can save your heirs the burden of dividing your assets once you’ve passed. Estate planning can be incredibly complex and requires a broad range of legal, accounting, investment and insurance experts working to set out an estate plan that ensures your family or business is secure. Take charge of your estate planning.

WPWealth will help:

  • Solve for sufficient cash flow in retirement.
  • Minimize your potential estate tax liability.
  • Utilize advanced charitable gifting strategies.
  • Build a legacy for your loved ones.
  • Plan for your final expenses.
  • Apply legal structures to fulfill your final wishes.

Along the way, you may uncover the answers to intimidating questions. To whom do I want to leave money, and why? How do I envision yourself and my legacy? As a trusted adviser, we can help make the estate process more straightforward and less daunting.

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