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WPWealth provides value-added services to our clients to better assist them with their individual needs. Our team of credentialed professionals can help by applying our knowledge of a wide range of services including:

What can we do to help you? We invite you to contact us directly to find out how we may help you reach your financial goals. Here at WPWealth, our certified financial professionals will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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Your WPWealth Team believes in a holistic approach to building and preserving the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate. We don't focus only on the investments in your portfolio; but instead adopt a more comprehensive perspective. Building on our core asset class investing philosophy, we combine a prudent investment strategy with a well-coordinated, wealth management plan to ensure your financial health.

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Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is one goal that is often under emphasized in the overall financial plan. It is not exactly a comfortable proposition to plan for things that will happen when you are no longer living, but advanced preparation can save your heirs a huge burden after you are gone. Estate planning can be incredibly complex, requiring a broad range of legal, accounting, investment and insurance experts working to set out an estate plan to ensure care for your family or business.

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Financial Planning

We want to be your family's trusted financial team. We can help you understand and weigh the many important financial decisions that will affect your family now and for generations to come.

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Insurance Services

WPWealth works with both individuals and families to develop a financial plan that will protect your family or business. We feel that while providing long-term security is the primary reason for owning life and disability insurance, it can also function to offset estate taxes, provide income lost due to sickness or injury and enhance your overall investment portfolio.

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Qualified Retirement Plans

Our consultative approach to designing the right plan for your company's size and growth dynamic is far more personal than the standard approach of constraining the company within a ready-made template: we create a unique plan custom tailored to your company rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach.

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